A fun team building

Adventure in Dragon Temple will be a demanding challenge for your team. But if you will communicate and show real team spirit, you will surely overcome any obstacle and be successful in your endeavor. The game has carefully structured pace, dynamics, architecture and mystic atmosphere that enables the participants quick immersion into the story. Under the weight of time pressure your team will face original enigmatic riddles which require the use of diverse skills and competencies. Thus, all team members get the chance to shine and show what they know and are capable of. The game is supported by psychological knowledge, so the experience is even more fun and memorable.

At the end of the adventure your team will do a tour of the Temple with our game master, peek into the background of the game and talk about the problems they stumbled upon while playing the game.

The whole experience will teach the participants important competencies that are crucial for success in the business world:





Work under pressure


Taking initiative




Cooperation and mutual success will create a feeling of togetherness among employees and, consequently, increase job satisfaction, which has a positive impact on operating results of the employee. It could reasonably be expected that Dragon Temple will be an unforgettable experience and certainly a popular topic that will raise a laugh and a good mood in your office.