Plečnik’s code

Gamified walking tour of Ljubljana

Plečnik’s Code is a unique walking tour that will guide you through Ljubljana’s most famous bridges, squares and architectural sites. By solving puzzles and riddles, you will uncover hidden meaning behind Plečnik’s famous work and get to have fun while learning about Ljubljana’s rich history.

Perhaps none other city on the planet has been defined so much by one single architect. Jože Plečnik. A genius. A mystic of almost guru like appearance. Perhaps even a freemason. An ascetic and mysterious person that has inscribed hidden messages in the architecture of Ljubljana. Follow my hints and discover the secret message of Ljubljana. Are you ready?

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20 € / per team (1-5 people, one device)


Get the instructions sheet and start playing right away.
An Android device with internet connectivity is needed for the experience.

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icons8-monument-100 (1)SightsVisit 13 famous Ljubljana landmarks
icons8-puzzle-100PuzzlesUse your logic and observation skills to solve 15 unique puzzles
icons8-stopwatch-100Average duration90 minutes of sightseeing and mystery solving
icons8-map-pinpoint-128Walking distancecca. 3km (45 minutes walking)
icons8-watch-100 (1)Play time7 days a week, starting between 8:00 and 17:30 (daylight hours)


  • 📍 Kolovrat restaurant (Ciril Metodov trg 14, 10am-10pm)
  • 📍 H20 Hostel (Petkovškovo nabrežje 47, non-stop)
  • more locations coming soon …