Teambuilding with expert analysis

Team building with a professional analysis links pleasant entertainment with all the positive results brought about by extreme collective experience. Adventure in Dragon Temple allows quick immersion into the story. The players thus quickly forget that they are evaluated and behave as they would in a team situation under time pressure, which enables the analysis of working situations. With the originally designed enigmatic puzzles and challenges, participants use a variety of skills and competencies which reveal the nature of their teamwork. Participants will train their competencies which are important in the business world:





Work pressure


Taking initiative




The challenges have psychological background and enable comprehensive analysis. Together with experts in the field of group dynamics and psychology you will explore:

  • existing team dynamics and behavior;
  • team roles and expectations within the team;individual strength and weakness;
  • opportunities to improve the efficiency of the team with the appropriate communication strategy;
  • opportunities brought about by replacing thinking about the limitations with thinking about the opportunities.