The story of the Dragon’s Temple


Upon returning from their adventure from Colchis with the Golden Fleece, Jason and the Argonauts stumbled on a dragon. Jason slew the beast and on the place of the dragon’s demise built a temple in honour of god Apollo, his patron. Around that temple a city grew. In the Roman times it was called Emona, today, the city is Ljubljana. And the hidden history hints that Jason founded the brotherhood of Ljubljana’s Dragon. What does it hide?

The history of Dragon Temple


On their way home, after they finally got the fabled Golden Fleece, Jason and the Argonauts came across a dragon lurking in the marshes that was tormenting local marsh people. With their help, Jason slew the dragon and put up a temple in honour of his patron, the Greek god Apollo. Around the temple, a city slowly spread. 3000 years have passed since then and the city grew. In the Roman times the city was called Emona, today, it’s Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. But the hidden history hints that Jason and his brothers in arms from the marshes also established Ljubljana dragon brotherhood, the Argonauts, Jason and the crannog people that helped slay the dragon became the brotherhood’s first members. And even still, their descendants watchfully guard the secrets and knowledge of Dragon Temple. In the European culture Dragons represent greed. It guards heaps of gold and virgins in his cave. He can’t make use of either of them, he just guards. Psychologically the dragons is one’s own binding of oneself to ones ego. And you are captured in your own dragon’s cage. The dragons is one’s ego which has us chained, and is yelling out one’s wishes, beliefs, needs and urges. A problem occurs when a person doesn’t value himself enough. In the moment when a person says “Oh, I couldn’t possibly do that!” you allow the Dragon to take you down and subdues you.That is just a fragment of the clandestine brotherhood’s secrets and teachings, you can learn more by becoming a member of the Dragon’s brotherhood. Don’t be afraid to find your dragons and slay them! To overcome one’s dragon is to overcome oneself and one’s weaknesses. Carved above the entrance to the Delphi Oracle was a phrase: »Know thyself!«. Only by knowing yourself and by overcoming your fears and blemishes the dragons can be slayed.

So step up and join the secretive brotherhood and discover the secrets of the Ljubljana dragon.

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