Educational workshops

We offer offer half-day or full-day workshop for team development in Dragon Temple or at other locations. Compared with the entertaining team buildings, educational workshops gets you noticeable results, which will be reflected in the changed behavior of the participants. They not only acquire new knowledge about themselves and other parties involved, but also learn practical knowledge that can be used within the adventures of Dragon Temple or in life itself.

Team development

Sometimes operational congestions occur within a team, or a team doesn’t work effectively any more, doesn’t bring new  and fresh ideas or conflicts prevent successful work. We can help you turn the situation for the better.

In such situations an outside view of a professional can be quite useful. You can get a comprehensive feedback on various levels. A key part of the training constitutes a preliminary collection of information based on the adventures of Dragon Temple, which is adapted to the needs of workshops and addresses some of the organizational challenges. Before carrying out the training we collect information about your wishes and expectations to make the development of your team thoroughly successful.

How do we make it work?

  • We check in which development phase the team stopped and why;
  • We examine the roles of team’s individuals, verify whether their roles are clearly defined, and where necessary we redefine them;
  • We raise awareness of the team’s common objectives, we encourage feedback, constructive communication and conflict resolution;
  • We strengthen trust among team members, and thus strengthen the feeling of team’s togetherness;
  • We define new concrete modes of operation of the team to which the members of the psychological commit and try to realize;
  • All participants enter Dragon Temple and use their old an newly acquired skills;
  • We analyze the course of the adventure in Dragon Temple;