How long does the game take?

  • Usually around 2-3 hours, depending on your speed and choices

How hard is the game?

  • It’s quite easy, much easier than any escape room. The most difficult part is following directions and finding all the micro-locations in the city.

Who will especially appreciate the game?

  • Families with small and teenage kids
  • Escape room lovers and real life gamers

What landmarks are included in the game?

  • The most important sights in Ljubljana: Ljubljana castle, the old town, Triple Bridge, the marketplace and off course, The Dragon Bridge.

Where does the game start and finish?

  • The game starts at The Dragon temple and finishes at a secret place in downtown Ljubljana.

Do we have to finish the geo-location game in a limited time frame?

  • There is no particular time pressure and there is enough time to be a regular tourist even during the game. The props for the game have to be returned in 4 hours (until 11pm the latest on the same day).

What if we cannot solve a puzzle and continue the path?

  • In the unlikely event this happens, we will send you an SMS and help you finish the game.

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