Our escape room is an actual live hands-on adventure game in real time, in which a band of heroes try to solve a series of challenges in a given time frame. The Dragon’s Temple is all that and much more. You will meet the grand master of the Dragon’s Temple, the game begins the moment you ring the doorbell and it continues into the unseen future.


Adrenalin rush

The eerie feeling of poorly lit underground chamber … The odd, scary and unusual sounds … The agonizing pressure of making quick and sound decisions … Dragon Temple awaits new heroes … Or victims.

Dragon Dinner

Start with the adventure of Dragon Temple and top it with an exquisite Dragon Dinner, a five course meal complemented with high quality wines. It’s a life and gourmet experience you won’t forget.

Knowledge is power

Why is a dragon the symbol of Ljubljana? How is it connected to the biggest adventure of all times? How do you slay a dragon? All that and much more in … DRAGON TEMPLE.

A feast for the senses

Dragon Temple opens all your senses: Sight, touch, hearing, taste and smell … But also the so called 6th sense: The power of intuition and sublime perception.

A child’s dream

Did you read adventure books, watched Indiana Jones movies and dreamed about finding a buried treasure as a child? Dragon Temple is THE next best thing for you to live your child dreams!


An evening with friends

Are you tired of spending nights bowling, being bored having dull dinners or visiting stand-up comedy gigs? Gather a group of heroes eager to find new ways of entertainment and embark on an unforgettable adventure.

Family day

 Drag your kids from the TV and computer’s screens, show them how to have an unforgettable fun and teach them a thing or two about a true adventure.

THE Date

Show your chosen one the Indiana Jones (or Lara Croft) that you are.


Enchant your loved one with the adventurous side of your soul. Let the journey of your lifetime begin with the quest for the ring.

The Gift

 Dragon Temple is for anyone who would like to give an unforgettable experience to the loved ones. Chocolates get eaten and books begin to gather dust, but experiences last for a life time.

Spiced up evenings

Exclusive meetings, dinners, press conferences with a spark, poker nights … Dragon temple is for anyone who seeks “something more”.

Team building

Discover your team, see how it manages itself dealing with unusual tasks, under stress and under time pressure.

Contact us

If you have any questions or dilemas about Dragon Temple, you didn’t get all the answers you sought, need help buying the tickets, or you plan special treatment one way or the other, feel free to contact us.